What do you do when you

  • are walking through the woods on Halloween
  • when you get mistaken for a witch
  • and are dragged away to a mysterious hut
  • where a magical talking cat forces you to craft potions???

Try to make as many things as you can, of course!

A cute, magical potion crafting sandbox that focuses on discovering every recipe you can!



Crystal Ball -> Opens shop inventory. Shows ingredients you can buy and has unique recipes you can buy if you haven't unlocked them yet.
Recipe book -> Opens crafting log and recipe list. Shows discovered and undiscovered ingredients.
Recipe Book Header Button -> Opens recipe list and shows what you have discovered and made + what you haven't discovered yet.
Cauldron -> Crafting button. Click to increase crafting progress.
Progress bar -> Shows how much progress you have made in crafting the current recipe.
Ingredient slots on top of cauldron -> shows what ingredients are brewing currently.

Drag ingredients from the ingredient panel into the crafting slots. The Confirm button will become enabled as soon as you drag ingredients to create a valid recipe.
Crafting higher quality potions requires higher quality ingredients. Higher quality potions sell for more.



StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorSwati Mallya
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, Colorful, Crafting, Cute, Magic, Mouse only, Relaxing, Sandbox, witchy
Average sessionA few minutes

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This is so cute!

omg, I need a tips guide haha!
Loved it! Figured out some of the patterns, but didnt figure out the recipes bought